Perhaps they make me think of the hanging gardens of Babylon, or Victorian conservatories. Or maybe it’s just the way they seem to add life to a room. Whatever the reason, hanging plants have always captured my imagination. The jolt of fresh they give to a home is invigorating. Maybe that’s why I can’t get enough of these Japanese hanging plants, Kokedama, I’ve seen popping up on the internet. They even inspired me to write a Japanese style haiku poem(oh dear). Poetry is not my gift, and I had better spend my time, “kokedama-ing” the naked window in my kitchen.

Eager for heaven

They make their home in the sky

And pull up their roots

Caught in a journey

Are they falling or rising

Suspended in air?

Minute most precious

Life is paused for a moment-

The view is lovely


all images from here

Kokedama tutorials:

Spring String Gardens

Kokedama String Garden

:grow: kokedama

Kokedama Tutorial




Inspired: Kokedama


One thought on “Inspired: Kokedama

  1. Kokedama, those are incredible!

    A note for writing poetry.
    Haiku is an evolving art form. The 5-7-5 syllabic structure is a good guide, but a lot like the Pirates Code.

    That’s not the point of my comment, however 😉
    Consider your first poem

    Eager for heaven
    They make their home in the sky
    And pull up their roots

    One change I might have made, would be to have used a present participle (add-ing) instead of a conjunction. So, if you change ‘and pull’ to ‘pulling’, their is, in the breath of speaking the poem, a feeling as if the Kokedama are taking off.

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